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Exclusive Steps to Unlock iCloud Account
13.04.2017 13:12

Have you just come to know about iPhone iCloud lock issue? Were you really unknown about it when it was purchased from eBay or second-hand vendor or a friend? It’s quite sure that you are not able to use your iPhone or another iOS device which requires unleashing locked iCloud account. The complex scenario is that it requires the username and password of the owner who makes use of iPhone device. But what you think, even if the owner is known to you, do he/she agrees to disclose the login credentials of the Apple account.

Everyone in the world is clever and expects something in return, for the service offered. Though there is a way to unlock iCloud account on the newly purchased or second-hand IOS device, but the steps involved in it are quite complex to understand in case the previous owner of the second-hand iPhone device. iCloud unlock tool is available on the web that can help you unleash the lock and freely use the IOS device without any kind of restriction.

How to know if the iCloud lock is Stoping the Functionality of Apple iPhone Device?

In case, you are not able to use the iPhone device; the main reason behind it is the iCloud account lock that is preventing you from availing any functionality unless there is an option to unleash the device at the earliest. In early 2015, a new security was developed by Apple and added to IOS devices to get it protected by the unknown person for malicious use. The feature that gained prominence was iCloud activation lock and Apple device such as iPhone, iPad as well as iPod.

However, things get more complex when a buyer who just purchased a second-hand device from an e-commerce website or friends or colleagues get regular prompts to unlock iCloud account to use any of these iOS devices at its best. Though, your friends or known ones will be sharing the Apple login id and password easily without any hesitation but what about the case if this device was owned by a person; who is completely unknown to you or not at all cooperative even if quite close to you or not reachable at the time of need.

It’s quite essential to unlocking iCloud account at any cost as jail-breaking or resetting or paying the cost to get it unlocked is the not the permanent solution to this problem as the iCloud account users can get your device locked at any point in time. There are certain steps that can help you know how to unlock iCloud account on a permanent basis so that any kind of problem does not occur again in future.

Steps to Unlock Apple iCloud Account at the Earliest

  • Download the official iCloud unlock setup file from the web and wait for the same to get installed.
  • Now navigate the location of official iPhone unlock application setup file.
  • Double-click on the same to start installing the software application.
  • Upon installation, it is asked to select the model of Handset device and enter IMEI number.
  • Once the details are filled up, wait for the confirmation mail to appear in your inbox folder stating that the iCloud account in iPhone or iPad device has been unlocked.

 In case, you face any troubles getting Apple account unlocked; then contacting the expert team through iCloud customer service number is the only option that needs to be considered immediately before things get too late.


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